All About Penguins!

Today we wrapped up our penguins unit. I have to say I love the end of a unit because I love sending home all of the things that have been hanging in the hallway and starting fresh. Sometimes units take me a lot longer than planned and by the end I am so ready to never talk about it again. That's kinda how I was getting with penguins. The kids LOVE learning about penguins. They are so fascinated by them and I am amazed every year that they understand a lot of the vocabulary like regurgitate and toboggan. Here are some of the things we did this year! You can read about our penguin fun in last year's post. The group I have this year is more academic than my group last year, so we were able to do more writing and informational texts this year.

In January we kick our writing into gear. After reading the Penguin Who Wanted to Fly by Catherine Vase, we wrote three sentences about something that we wished we could do. This one hit home for me because we've had quite the winter here in Buffalo and I would give anything to have a fire breathing dragon to melt all the snow and make it hot "owt-side"! The writing response paper is a freebie from The First Grade Parade

We also made our penguin water bottles again this year. I don't know who loves these more- me or the kids! They are so easy and so adorable. 

We also did a little science with the blubber experiment! We used a blubber glove to learn how penguins stay warm in the cold. 

Every other Friday we cook so I decided to stick with the polar theme and make smoothies during our penguin unit. This was hands-down the most popular cooking recipe we've done (and probably the healthiest!) 

What themes and units do you do in February? We have a February break for a week so it's hard to do a full unit in February. We usually cover Valentine's Day, dental health and the 100th day of school. How about you? 

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