Penguin Party

I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a month go. I think I was actually starting to have seasonal depression from January and February! Between multiple snow days, February break, Valentine's Day and the 100th day, let's just say our class was in rare form and it was hard to keep everyone on track. I am looking forward to spring (even if it takes a few more weeks). At least we made it to March!

One of the things that we did accomplish during the crazy month of February was our penguin unit. It was our first *successful* nonfiction unit. In fact, when we revisited it this week after having a week off, I literally jumped up and down when one of my boys raised his hand and remembered that krill is what penguins eat and that they huddle together in a creche to stay safe and warm. They actually listened! They all love animals and love learning about them, so this was definitely fun for all of us.

Here are a few photos of our penguin fun!

(Ripped paper penguins photo from Pinterest...I forgot to take a photo of ours!)

What did we use?

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