In the Kitchen

I grew up with a full-time momma who raised us on healthy, homegrown food, frugal recipes and home baked bread. I like to say she was "crunchy" before "crunchy" was cool. If you poke around my blog long enough you'll notice her influence in my life, not just in the kitchen but in my classroom. She homeschooled me until 5th grade and I like to think that's why I grew up to be best friends with her. We had a lot of special time together. In addition to my dark, curly hair, my momma also gave me her love of cooking and baking. I have fond memories of being a little girl in our kitchen and learning how to roll a perfect pie crust.  

In the Classroom

I am a special education teacher in Western New York. This year I am moving to fourth grade after many years as a kindergarten and first grade self-contained teacher in a 12:1:1 classroom. Stay tuned for my tales from the upper elementary world!
I am a certified reading specialist, special education and general education teacher. I have my Master of Science in literacy and reading and my Bachelor of Science in early childhood, childhood and special education. I also have a second master's degree in educational leadership and administration.

What else?

On my free time I love being active and I find myself always in the middle of a "project"! I suppose it's the teacher in me, but I am always organizing or planning something. I love organizing, throwing parties, going out to dinner, reading, running, shopping and book club! I'm an eternal optimist and I talk too much. I drink too much coffee and when I'm bored I make my sisters go to Target with me (I'm actually never bored, we just love going to Target). In the summer I serve at a restaurant for the discount on fine dining food (okay..and for Target money).

The Eager Teacher has been a hobby for me since 2011. Thanks for reading and visiting my little slice of the internet!

All thoughts and opinions shared on this blog are my own, personal views.

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