Hi! I'm Sarah, AKA The Eager Teacher. Once upon a time my name was Sarah Eager and I wrote a teaching blog called The Eager Teacher as a hobby when I struggled to find a full time teaching job. Since then a lot has changed. I have spent the last decade as a special education teacher, professional development specialist, and most recently, as the Director of Educational Technology for a K-12 school specializing in servicing students with emotional disturbances and behavioral disabilities. I also got married and had two sweet babes along the way. 

I am passionate about personal and professional growth for educators. I believe in lifelong learning and teacher empowerment. Teaching teachers is my favorite part of my career. I specialize in classroom engagement, integrating technology, future ready classrooms and literacy. People often refer to me as "The Google Girl". My goal in life is to keep my email inbox at zero at the end of the day. 

When I am not teaching teachers or recording videos for teachers, I can be found grocery shopping, pushing a double stroller through the snow in Buffalo, meal prepping for my family, FaceTiming with my mom or dancing to Raffi with a baby on my hip.

I am a Google Certified Trainer and Educator and an Apple Teacher. I am a certified school and district level leader, reading specialist, special education and general education teacher. I have a Master of Science in school administration and leadership, a Master of Science in literacy and a Bachelor of Science in early childhood, childhood and special education. 

The Eager Teacher has been a hobby for me since 2011.

All thoughts and opinions shared on this website are my own, personal views.

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