Sarah is passionate about personal and professional growth for educators. She believes in lifelong learning and teacher empowerment.

Sarah is the Director of Educational Technology for a K-12 school district serving students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. She has worked as a professional development specialist, special education teacher and general education teacher. She specializes in classroom engagement, integrating technology, future ready classrooms and empowering teachers. 

Sarah is a certified school and district level leader, reading specialist, special education and general education teacher. She has a Master of Science in school administration and leadership, a Master of Science in literacy and a Bachelor of Science in early childhood, childhood and special education. 

When she is not working with teachers, Sarah is a busy mama of two, striving to raise healthy and hardworking boys.  

The Eager Teacher has been a hobby for her since 2011.

All thoughts and opinions shared on this website are her own, personal views.

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