Up Your Organization Game with Google Keep

Google Keep is my love language at work lately. I can’t get enough of it and when I convert someone into a Google Keeper, it makes my heart happy.

Today I’m sharing a few ways that you can customize your Google Keep to make you more organized!

First things first: download the essential Chrome extensions in the Google Chrome store. These are both a must.
This extension will allow you to save any website, document or page you are visiting directly into Google Keep from your Chrome browser in one click. Consider it a really organized way of bookmarking pages- with the ability to add notes, labels and information about why you are saving it.

Category Tabs for Google Keep

These category tabs are my favorite way to organize all of my notes. You can use them to color code and then you can name each color to assign a certain topic to the color.

Add Images as Headers

Add some headers images to your frequently used notes! These make your Google Keep look pretty when you open the app on your phone, and they look even prettier on a web browser. Do you want these headers for your Google Keep lists? Download them for free below!

Free Time Management Matrix Headers for Google Keep DOWNLOAD HERE

Other tips for Google Keep:

-Share lists with colleagues, teammates and family members for shared duties, lists and collaboration.
-Share lists between your Google accounts (home and work) so you can see the same shopping list or to do list in both places.
-Take photos of papers that you don't want to hold on to for weeks or months like baby shower invitations, a post it note with a phone number on it or a business card.
-Archive notes that you don't want to see anymore. The beauty of archiving is it's not *really* gone but it won't clutter up your life while you decide if you really need it.
-Use the microphone to leave yourself voice memos- they will convert to a text note as well and will keep the recording so you can listen to it again in the future.
-Use the Copy to a Google doc feature when you realize the note is now a project and worthy of a real word document!
-Use the drawing tool to take notes or jot something down quickly.

Are you hooked yet? If you don't use Google Keep yet, START TODAY. It is truly one of the best products Google has ever released.

If you download and use the headers, take a photo and tag me on social media @theeagerteacher so I can see!

Happy organizing! :)

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