Fall Craftivities

Happy October! How does September go by so fast?? I suppose that's a good thing since it's the month I usually block out of my memory each school year. I have a wonderful new group of kiddos this year and I am looking forward to a great year together. This year I have 12 kids (yes, 12!) which is the most I have ever had. I finally have girls this year (woo hoo!) and I have an awesome new aide in my class this year. All in all life is good in our classroom. It's feeling like fall at home now too. This week the temperature has dropped a lot in Buffalo and the leaves are starting to change. Tonight my family and I went to get pumpkins and mums for the porch since it's officially October. My brother is getting married on Saturday so we are hoping for a beautiful October day for them!

Over the next two months our theme in the classroom is apples and pumpkins! We will take a trip to a pumpkin patch and we will have our Apple Investigation Day in a few weeks.

Here is a visual tour of the crafts we will be doing this month. Our October crafts are some of my favorites!

Paint Swatch Monsters
I love these little guys SO MUCH! We made them for the first time last year and they turned out so stinkin' adorable. Yes, Home Depot has a photo of me behind the counter for stealing so many paint swatches. I use foam pieces for the facial features and of course, googly eyes!

3-D Pumpkin Diagram
We make these fun pumpkins when we dissect a pumpkin and learn about the parts of a pumpkin. I got this craft from my sweet friend, Sarah, who moved to another school last year (wahhhh). I miss her and her creativity every day! On the inside of the pumpkin we glue that confetti grass that people use in gift baskets for the pumpkin pulp. 

Thankful Turkeys
As you can see, I wasn't kidding about my paint swatch hoarding problem. I love making these paint swatch turkeys when we start talking about being thankful. At the top of each feather the kids write one thing they are thankful for.

Thankful Pumpkins
This adorable craft came from The Moffatt Girls. It is so easy and looks great on display in the hallway above our cubbies! I always have parents tell me they used it as a centerpiece on Thanksgiving.   

Shape Witches
This craft came from my old teammates and is a fan favorite in kindergarten. Each of the pieces of the witch are different shapes and when it's assembled it looks like she is flying into the wall. The kids get a kick out of it!

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