Wordless Wednesday: Saving Anchor Charts

I haven't done a linky party in a long time, but I saw this one on Instagram and found it would be a perfect place to ask a question to other teachers. Many teachers that I have worked with in the past laminate and save anchor charts, poems and other visuals that they handwrite or create on chart paper.  I do anchor charts and write out poems for every theme and unit, and now I am struggling with what charts to save and what charts to laminate and keep to reuse next year? I will definitely not save ones that are specific with my students' names and ownership on them.

What anchor charts/visuals do you save and which ones do you make new each year?


  1. I am not a saver, and mine never look as wonderful as yours - so make new ones each year. Maria

  2. I don't really ever save either... I have no way to really store and if I did I would never find it!

  3. I save the ones that I use as references for the teacher. If the chart was not made to be interactive, I save it because it is one less thing for me to have to make next year!

    PAWSitively Teaching.

  4. I am a terrible saver--I am in my second year of teaching so I haven't quite gotten down the saving thing yet. :)

    The Teacher Talk

  5. I never save them. I make new ones each year. I usually send the old ones home with students. Yours looks great - I love the one showing student participation!

    Ladybugs Lounge

  6. I remake mine each year with my kids, but I save the previous year's charts to use as examples for myself and reminders of what we included or what I want to change. :) I use a shower rod in my closet and hang them with pocket chart rings. :) Thanks for linking up!

    Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice

  7. If I've really put a lot of time into one, I will make an effort to save it. Yours are so bright and colourful, they are great!


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