These Things are Fun and Fun is Good!

What a fun week it was! Even if I did have to stay home sick on Wednesday...

We had one of our most exciting weeks by celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday, Read Across America week and by welcoming a new month.  Here's a recap of what went on in our kinder-first world.

One of my little buddies is such a good helper- I snagged this photo last week while he was helping me set up for Seuss week! 

I tried to do one book a day and base all of our activities around it, but when I got sick Tuesday night and had to miss Wednesday my plan went out the window. Monday was all about One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (I Can Read It All by Myself)

One Fish, Two Fish graph from my Read Across America unit.

Morning Work from The Tutu Teacher!

We have been listening to celebrities read our favorite children's books aloud on YouTube lately. If you Google a children's book title you can usually find an audio version with photos. I also search YouTube for them. 

This was our book cover project. We learned about the title, author and illustrator on a book cover! 

Do any other teachers out there get so excited about a Pinterest idea, only to have the kids want nothing to do with it!? That's what happened when I made blue jello with Swedish Fish. They would barely touch it! Oh well..I enjoyed it :)

The Lorax paper plates and yellow tissue paper. So simple and so cute!

I have to brag for a minute about one of my moms this year. She is an AMAZING baker- she bakes all organic, natural dyed baked goods and decorates them beautifully. She surprised us with this amazing display of Lorax cookies and truffula tree pops! 

This was another Pinterest flop but they were fun to make- Cat in the Hat kabobs. I suppose they would have gone over well if they were made out of marshmallows and Swedish Fish, but I tried to take the healthy snack approach. Fruit is the first thing to go at our holiday parties but it turns out they didn't go crazy for these! 

Finger painting followed by a writing prompt: "If the Cat in the Hat came to my house we would...."

Green Eggs and Ham sight word game from my Read Across America packet.

For the second Friday in a row my kids have been so good- it makes my weekends much better when I come home feeling on top of the world. I love my little guys so much. Have a good weekend everyone! 

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  1. I love your pictures!! The one fish, two fish activity is awesome! So creative!


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