Home Tour: The Craft Room

Well, well, well. Look who finally found time to clean the house, make it presentable enough for photos and sit down to blog about it. This girl. I moved in back in April and now it is July. Three months isn't *too* bad considering I work full-time (and part-time). The first stop on my home tour is my craft room. The craft room was going to have many purposes before it finally became the craft room. First it was going to be a guest room. Then it was going to be Steph's room (a guest room with exclusivity). Then it was going to be my office. Then it was going to be a guest room with exercise things in it like free weights and a yoga mat (for me to look at, of course, not to use). Then it had become a room full of things I had yet to unpack, so then it was the junk room.
Then one day in May I had a bad day at work and needed retail therapy (hehehe). I decided to go to Home Goods for a pot holder or something. Well friends, the color gods were dancing in the aisles when I finally realized what my life was missing: a craft room.
The rest is history. Some days I call it my Silhouette Cameo's bedroom. Some days it harbors my tutoring junk. My dog calls it his sunroom. It's a beautiful, happy place to be. And since I don't have a guest room anymore, you're all more than welcome to come over for crafts, but you have to sleep on the couch.
craft room
Curtains {Target}, Mailboxes {Home Goods}, Cork board {Hobby Lobby}, Photo Boxes {Michaels}, Flowers {Home Goods}
Table runner {Home Goods}, Chevron plate {Michaels}, White utensil caddy {Home Goods}
Coral utensil caddy {Target}
Chevron frame {Michaels}, Grey frame {Home Goods}. Boxes {Home Goods}
Mirrors {Home Goods}
Blue hooks {Home Goods}
craft room

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