Treat Bag Topper Tutorial

Every month craft stores and Target have great deals on adorable little goodie bags for each holiday and season. If you're like me, then you might buy them even when you have nothing to put in them because they are usually only a dollar or two! Typically when I find something to put in them and someone to give them to, I tie ribbons around them, print up tags, hole punch the tag, thread the ribbon, curl the get the idea. Here's an even better (and cuter!) way of personalizing those cellophane treat bags right on your computer.
I use Adobe Illustrator to do all of my printables, but for this tutorial I'm going to use Microsoft Word so you can do it on your home computer.
1. Open a new word document.
2. Insert a photo of the image (a digital scrapbook page, etc.) that you want your label to have. You can use a ,jpg or .png.
3. Depending on the size of the original image, you will have to resize it to the dimensions that you want your label. Using a ruler, measure the width of your cellophane bag. For the height, most bag toppers will be about 4 in. so you can fold it over the back of the bag (2 in. on the front and 2 in. on the back). For this bag, I sized the image to 4 in. x 4 in. by double clicking on the image. In the right hand corner you can manually type in the size that you want the image to be.
4. Next, add a border to your image to give your tag clean cutting lines.
5. Change the weight of the border so you can see it clearly.
6. Create a text box and drag it to the shape and size that you want. You can add your text and change the fonts, then you will have to align it so that it is "in front of text."
7. You can add a border to your text box the same way that you added a border to your image. Arrange your text to your liking and you are ready to print!
8. If you are making multiple bags, you can fit 3-4 on a page to print, depending on the size of your label. Print on card stock, cut out and attach to your goodies! To attach, I stapled the back and used one piece of double sided tape for the front.

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