Fall Highlights from Mrs. Hornung!

They say if you want to get something done, ask a busy person. In July, I decided to get married and start a new job in the same season. There were a few times along the way that I thought "WHAT was I thinking?!", but to be perfectly honest I would not have done it any other way. I have a history of overworking myself at school and that's what I was mainly worried about in August. I wondered how could I be an overworked teacher AND an overworked bride? The answer was, I couldn't be either and what a blessing it truly was. Planning a wedding during the same time that I was opening up a new classroom turned out to be the BEST way to balance it all, because I simply did not have a choice. I couldn't stay at school until 9pm being a perfectionist and I couldn't stay home all day being a bridezilla. I had to just do what I could in each area of my life and be done with it.

There are, of course, some things that I couldn't balance. I couldn't balance exercising. I couldn't balance blogging. I couldn't balance regular get-togethers with my girlfriends. I couldn't balance my one night a week of waitressing. But those were all things that would still be there when my wedding was over and my classroom was settled. So here I am married with a settled classroom, and as I expected, those things are all here waiting for me to return to them!

Before I dive in to the rest of the school year with my little love bugs, let me give you a highlight reel from our September-December. I have a truly great group of kids and I fall more in love with their little personalities and hearts every day. They are so sweet, so loving and so FUNNY!!! They bring me to tears at least once a week in laughter.

Following our field trip to a local apple farm, we had a blast on our Apple Investigation Day! We had a sweet volunteer (my sister, Lily) come in and help us make homemade apple sauce and try all different varieties of apples. We also tasted freeze-dried apples, apple jam, apple cider and apple juice!

On Halloween we had more special visitors- my mom and my Aunt Karen! They helped us do our special Halloween centers which were made fun by wearing our costumes. My kids love having new people to show off to! When it came time to change into our costumes, one of my buddies was surprised to see we were twins!

Our Thanksgiving crafts were my favorite of the year so far..paint swatch turkeys and thankful pumpkins!

We ventured into the city to see Dinosaur Train LIVE!

We learned what appropriate coloring looks like.... :-/

We did interactive poetry journals.

We built words.

We fell in love with puzzles! 

We pretended we were Miss Eager!

We listened to lots of books.

We were caught doing flashcards at free time (!!!!!!!).

We wrote about what we do if we lived in a snow globe and why we love Christmas time!

We made Christmas presents for our families.

We were invited to Miss Eager's wedding.

We made predictions about the wedding....

We had a bridal shower!

We made friends!!

Happy New Year! 

Love, Mrs. Hornung :)


  1. Hi,

    In the top photo, where did you get the little lap desks? Thanks! Beth

    1. Hi Beth! I got them at Michaels! You can get them at most craft stores. They were $6 I think!


  2. WOW...you have been busy! Happy New Year! Smiles and stop by anytime!

  3. The last two pictures with your students are adorable - you can tell they love you!! Looks like you've have a great year so far. I'm so happy you have finally found a job and you look like you LOVE it! :)


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