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Am I the last one to discover this amazing and simple website? I think I am late to the party but maybe there is someone else out there who was living under a rock with me. iFakeText is one of those resources that you really can't even count the number of ways you could use it for teaching. If you haven't checked it out- go now. It's free, it's easy and it's certainly going to grab the attention of your students. File this under "Things that kids will love simply because it looks like an iPhone."

These are my two favorite ways to use it so far, but like I said, there's no end to the opportunities!

Sentence Correcting

Helloooo morning work! Have a screen shot of a conversation up on your screen and have the students correct it. This is also a good opportunity for kids to be reminded that text talk/online spelling and grammar isn't CORRECT! I worry about living in a world of people that wait for Siri to correct their misspellings!


Create fake conversations and have your students infer what the people are talking about!

Inference: A girl got a part in a play that she was rehearsing for.

Inference: A coach held practice at a time that he knew nobody could come.

Inference: A boy lost his lunch box.

Here is a short list of ways to use this website that I have come up with. What else can you add?!

Ideas for Teachers:
Sentence correcting
Vocabulary Introductions
Mystery Reader Clues
Main Idea: What is the main idea of this conversation?
Summarizing: Summarize the conversation in your own words.

Ideas for Students:
Conversations between characters: what would these characters say if they were talking?
Conversations between animals or people to show understanding.
Studying vocabulary or topics: one student types a question, the other student types an answer.

Thanks for joining me for Teachers Talking Tech on Thursdays! See you next week!

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  1. I'd heard of it, but hadn't thought of using it for sentence correcting before. Thank you!

  2. I guess I do live under a rock! This is great and I just added it to my teacher bag o tricks :)


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