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Well here I am sitting on my couch on a Saturday night thinking how I don't want today to end. I didn't go anywhere today. ANYWHERE! I mean, I did walk to a couple places but walking is happy and therapeutic and enjoyable. I didn't have anywhere to be today and it was the first time since...probably March. It felt like my first real day of summer vacation. So as I sat here blog surfing I noticed that Farley's July Currently came out this week a few days early and that I have not joined in in quite some time (see above notes on having somewhere to be every darn day).

Loving: Summer vacation...need I go in to detail on this one? Although I still tutor three days a week and waitress 3-4 nights a week in the summer, it still feels like a full blown summer vacation to me. Not having to be up at 6:00, fumbling with my keys and spilling coffee on myself in the morning is such a nice change. I also made my tutoring schedule and waitressing schedule coincide so that I would pretty much have a four day weekend each weekend. High five.

Thinking: Today seriously rocked. In the morning I walked to the Farmer's Market with my boys and we stocked up on meat, bread, veggies and berries! My street was having a block sale so I got some great garage sale finds (i.e. board games, classroom stuff). I stumbled upon a neighbor who was a former sales rep for a greeting card/paper product/party decor company and he was having a sample sale. Ummm....I died and went to heaven. It was all of my favorite things, brand new, at a garage sale. I'll be blogging about the things I bought there at a later date. The rest of the day was spent cooking, baking, sitting around and talking. 

Wanting: A KitchenAid mixer. To accompany my berries from the market, I baked a honey pound cake today to have for dessert and every time I bake I long for a KitchenAid mixer. I suppose I have survived this long without one and that's why it's a want not a need. But still. Today I was reminded how badly I want one. I already know all of you people out there with one are going to say "It's worth it!" I know it is because my mom couldn't live without hers. But I just can't justify the investment right now. But I can justify the garage sale stuff?....Such is my life.

Needing: I started tutoring this week and it went so well! I have 8 kiddos all together. I'm covering three grade levels so I tried to be pretty organized with my materials but I needed a week to figure out exactly what would work best for each child. So at some point during this four day weekend I need to organize my tutoring bag again. 

Tips, Tricks and Hints for Bloggers: KNOW WHEN TO WALK AWAY. I should have added "and go to bed" at the end of that. I am so guilty of not being able to pull myself away from the computer. Case in point: yesterday my plan was to clean my whole house, run errands and go to yoga. Guess what I did instead? Blogged. Made new sidebar titles. And that's about it. Some nights I get so into something that I can't stop until I figure out how to do it or finish it perfectly. I remember when I first started my blog two and a half years ago, I was literally up all night for a week designing it. I couldn't stop. So my advice is: know when to stop for your own mental health! The blog will still be there in the morning.

So with that being said, goodnight!   

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  1. I am guilty of the same thing and that is pulling myself away from computer and blogging.

  2. You're right. I am going to say the Kitchen Aid mixer is worth it. I love mine. :)

    I wish I lived in a town with a great farmer's market. Being able to walk to one sounds so nice.

  3. I'm visiting from Farley's Currently!

    I love the simple, sleek look of your blog! I agree with walking away and going to bed. Sometimes it's hard!


  4. You are speaking my language with that Kitchen Aid Mixer!! I've wanted one for years!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  5. We have my hubby's grandma's Kitchen Aid Mixer! I would love a new PINK one but seriously ours works perfect even though it is so old! You need to get one!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  6. I ♥ my Kitchen Aid! I heard Kohl's is having a sale on them. LOL! That is a family joke because Kohl's is ALWAYS having a sale! Also, good advice. I have trouble walking away from my computer sometimes.
    Polka Dot Kinders