I Know It's Only Tuesday, but..

I wanted to share some exciting news! Starting this Thursday, I'll be giving a weekly linky party a try! It's something that's been on my to-do list for quite some time and now that the school year is wrapping up I am finally ready to commit. Introducing.....

Each Thursday, meet here to link up and share all things technology. I am a huge nerd and I am always searching for new ways to engage my students through technology or empower myself as a teacher in the 21st century. I'm amazed each day that I learn something new because there is literally no end to the amount of technology out there now or the ways we can use it. My goal is to create a place where teachers can get lost learning new things. Here are some things that I'm interested in learning from you!

Website Reviews!
What websites do you love? What websites do your kids love? What websites do you share with parents?

App Reviews!
What apps have you used and loved? Hated? Paid too much for? Couldn't live without?

What resources are available to you in your schools? What resources aren't? How do you use them?

Communication and Social Media!
How do you communicate with parents? Class websites? Class blogs? Facebook? Twitter? Texting?

How do you teach digital citizenship and responsibility? How do you ensure your students are safe?

Cyber Bullying!
What do you do to prevent cyber-bullying? What does your school do? Do you have an advice, tips, resources?

and much, much more!

Start drafting now and join the conversation on Thursday! Talk to you then :)


  1. Sounds great! Can't wait to see what people post!

    Katie :)

  2. There is a rumor we'll be getting a FEW iPad mini's next year and this might help me figure out what apps are great:)


  3. Great idea! I'm looking forward to tomorrow :)



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