Four Unrelated "Things"...

....that are too great not to share!

As we wrap up the school year, there's been sooo much testing on these poor kiddos. Today as I was giving a district writing assessment, I looked over the shoulder of one of my darlings and saw that he had jumped right in to his "how-to" writing.

Days like today I thank God that my calling is teaching. Kids really say and do the darnedest things!

Another one of my second graders came charging toward me the other day and this conversation ensued:

"Miss Eager! I've been waiting to show you this for days."
"What is it?"
"My progress report."
"Ohhh did you make it from the progress report that I sent home in April?"
"No, this is just approximately how much progress I think I've made in second grade. Don't ya think? I'm doing pretty good."

My eco-friendly friend Danielle from The Good Life discovered the reusable produce bags at Target in the dollar bins last week! I had to share the news so you could run to Target immediately and get them before they are gone. You KNOW how those dollar bins are! If you want to read more about them, click here.

The last unrelated thing- I've been organizing and creating my craft room and it is nearly complete! I can't wait to give you all a tour soon! This was what I was working on tonight.

Aren't four day weeks the best?! Tomorrow is already Wednesday! Don't forget to come back on Thursday and link up for Teachers Talking Tech on Thursdays!

I'll be blogging about a great website to recommend to parents for summer reading resources and I'll be giving away a freebie with step-by-step directions to give to parents on how to use it.


  1. OMG - Like I needed another excuse to go to Target. Love that dollar bin!!

    Gabrielle :)
    Teaching Special Thinkers

    1. Haha, I know. I just saw on Instagram that somebody got magazine file boxes in there and those weren't there a few days ago when I was at Target! I had the same thought- like I need another reason to go.

  2. I love the progress report! I just started following your blog! Laura


  3. Hi Laura! Thanks for following! I'll come check yours out right now :)


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