Shake It Up!

Okay so I feel like a broken record... BUT I promised to become a better blogger- and that means posting about some things I did a little while ago. And by a little while, I mean back in November.

I created these rice shakers after being inspired by Sunny Days in Second Grade. This was truly one of those projects that was as easy and simple as it sounded. Have you ever posted on Facebook about collecting things!? Holy moly I was getting Tropicana containers for WEEKS. My friends and family are awesome. Ask and I shall receive when it comes to people's recycling and leftover junk treasures.

So here is how they turned out. They were actually really therapeutic to make. Is that weird? Shaking the bags up and siphoning them into containers was a stress-buster for me.

I got this bag of rice for $7.99. Truth be told, 5 months later I am still eating rice from this bag because it was way more than I needed. I even found other miscellaneous ways to use it up and I STILL have more. I filled bowls for jewelry, votives with tea lights...etc. But nope, still eating.

I used white vinegar (about 3 tablespoons) and gel food coloring (because that's what I had). I shook the rice for a few minutes and voila! Colored rice. I didn't even lay the rice out to dry, I just opened the Ziploc bags and let it air dry overnight in the bag and they all turned out great.

After I filled my containers, I added simple Avery labels to each container that indicated what the game was. Most commonly, I used these for spelling sorts and patterns. Now that I am back in the primary grades, I am using them for sight words and math facts. 

Here is an example of a worksheet that I used with the shakers. It corresponded with one of our spelling units. 

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