Third Week Thoughts from Room 138

Didn't I warn you that I would probably be on a blogging hiatus while I got the school year under control? This week (our third "full week") I am finally feeling like I am "on top of things" (as much as any teacher ever really feels "on top of things"). I have to say, this school year is my favorite so far. Not that I didn't enjoy every moment of my previous years teaching, but this year is different. I have a really, really, really amazing group of kids. You know how some years you just have a good chemistry in your classroom? They are kind, respectful, curious and fun. They want to read and learn and get better at what they are learning and doing. I had to attend a training last week and had a substitute for a half-day. I didn't want to go! I didn't want to miss one afternoon with these incredible kiddos.

I've been working on a variety of things in our classroom, and have wanted to share so many of them with my blog friends, so here is a list of four highlights and things that made me happy over the past three weeks!

1. Investigation Specs- My dollar bin find at Target last week. Fake eyeglasses in three colors! I bought them out of stock and named them my "Investigation Specs" for guided reading. We put them on when we are reading between the lines, previewing, inferencing, etc.!

 2. "Falling in Love with 5th Grade"- My door! Dollar Tree had these cute fall cut-outs so this was a Friday afternoon project for me. As I was doing this, it dawned on me- what do people with lives do on Friday nights? :) On Monday I had the kids tell me what they love about 5th grade and I wrote it on their cut-out.

 3. Shaking Things Up: Inspired by Sunny Days in Second Grade, I made these shakers this week to help my students with vocabulary words, math facts and spelling patterns. They are not completely done yet, but when they are I will post all about it!

True life: I'm a hoarder (of OJ containers).

4. Artifacts of Love- Remember how much I love these kids? This was an assignment our first week of school. I asked the kids to write about their goals for fifth grade and how they felt about school so far. This one made me cry and beam with pride. Need I say more? Just read it. 

Apparently I use too many examples pertaining to food?! :)
Note: Number 2 is not "Miss Eager hates snacks", it's "Miss Eager hates snakes". That would be quite a contradiction! 

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  1. LOVE your Investigation Specs! I'm an avid Target shopper and I also frequent the dollar bins to see what goodies I can buy for my babes at school. I may have to borrow this idea -- they'll eat it up!

    I'm also super curious about what the shakers are for!? I'll be tuning in to find out! :)

    Mrs. Dixon
    Teaching Special Thinkers