Procrastination and Organization

This week was all about two things: procrastination and organization. As I got my classroom ready for the kids on Tuesday, I stopped and took a few mental breaks (these could be translated as procrastinating) to make things that will make me happy this year too! My "Words" page on Pinterest is full of quotes that I love. I found these three frames for $5 at Target and decided to bring some of these quotes to life for my desk. Here's how I did it...

Save the image of the quote and open it in a photo editing program. I used Adobe InDesign or Photoshop, but any program that you can edit photos will work. Change the size of the picture to 4x6 (or whatever size frame you're using). Save it again as a PDF. Print, trim and frame! I printed on card stock, but since you are framing the quotes, you really could use regular old computer paper. My next project will be to frame some of the great classroom quotes from Technology Rocks Seriously's website and arrange them around my room. She does great stuff! 

My other classroom project that made me happy this week was finalizing my lesson plan format. An amazing special education teacher that I worked with a few years ago gave me her lesson plan template and I've been saving it for my "someday" if I ever worked as a consultant teacher. That year I think she had something like 25 preps because she had so many students and such a variety of lessons she was teaching and teachers she was working with. She used this color-coded and extremely organized system to keep her students, co-teachers, classrooms and aides organized. I'm excited that I get to put it to use this year. The format is so detailed and incorporates IEP goals, student needs, learning goals, etc. I tweaked it to fit my schedule, services and students. I am so happy with the way it turned out!

Needless to was a week of working lunches!!!


  1. Any chance you will be posting a template of your lesson plans?

  2. I got my lesson plan from a colleague I worked with a few years ago, then I tweaked it to my schedule and needs. I will have to her permission to share it because she is the brains behind it! :-)


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