'Twas the Night Before Professional Development

I know all my teacher friends out there get it when I say today was my LAST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION. It's so bittersweet. You probably think I spent it on the beach, or at an amusement park, or with my family and friends, or out to lunch, or something summer-ish and fun. False. I spent it in my new classroom. :-) But that was by choice. I couldn't stay away. I am the biggest procrastinating overachiever ever. Instead of just reading through my IEPs and moving on with my day, I decided to make this cute little cover sheet to put at the beginning of each of my student's IEPs and personal folders. I looked on TPT and didn't find a student information sheet that fit exactly what I needed, so I made my own. You can get the freebie here and maybe it's something another special education teacher would find useful! For me it serves as an IEP at-a-glance and a good resource for other teachers that may also be working with my kiddos.

Tomorrow is our first day of professional development. Our kids starts next Tuesday. I am excited to start the school year, I don't care what anyone says. I love summer but I love going back to school just as much. Being a teacher is like living in an area that has four seasons. Just when you start to get tired of one thing, the next thing begins. Here's to new beginnings!

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