Call the COPS!

It only took me a few slow weeks to finally get this done but here it is! In my last post I mentioned that I was able to attend an Orton-Gillingham reading training. While I was there, I was reminded of the acronym COPS for Capitalization, Organization/Order, Punctuation and Spelling. I thought since I had the police clipart from some community helpers things, I might as well whip up something to hang in my classroom for the kids to refer to! At this point in the kindergarten year we are encouraging our kiddos to write three or more sentences about the same topic, using punctuation, finger spaces, capital letters and neat handwriting. This getting ready for first grade business is tough for them, so these COPS reminders will hopefully help! They are also appropriate for first, second and third grade when students need to start using more transition words, outlines and organization in their writing. Since I love when things have full matching themes, I decided to run with the police theme and make speeding tickets and get out of jail free cards to match. I'm going to use the speeding tickets for kids who rush through work, and the get out of jail free cards as incentive/reward certificates. I'm so excited to put it all to use!

You can find it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store or Teacher's Notebook store. Here is a little preview of it! See this post for a freebie poster of the acronym COPS.

In other news, my friend Danielle needs your help! Do you watch Ellen? Have you heard of her dance dare? For Mother's Day she is asking pregnant moms to do a dance dare and send her the video to feature on her Mother's Day special. The whole idea of the dance dare is for people to dance behind people in public without getting caught. Danielle (who is a hilarious first grade teacher and is also 5 months pregnant) took Ellen's invitation to dance right to our local mall and her sister taped the whole thing. The video is HYSTERICAL and she needs as many views to try to get Ellen to see it. So, if you're looking for a good laugh you can click here to watch it. It will make you smile. Danielle also keeps a blog of her pregnancy and is going to start teacher blogging soon too!


  1. Thanks for the plug love!!!! I love your COPS idea!!! Hope to see you soon :)

  2. LOVE THIS! I'm your newest follower. So glad Pinterest led me to you!

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  3. Im dying of laughter. I hope Ellen picks you!


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