Daily 5 Freebie Posters!

This fall I did a book club using The Daily Five with some of my grad school colleagues. Last year I taught with a teacher who implemented the Daily Five beautifully into her literacy block and it inspired me to read more on the concept behind it all. Through our book club I discovered how independent the kids can become by using this unique format to literacy centers. I also realized how much more you can get done when you are meeting with students when you aren't stopping every five minutes to address off-task behaviors. Much like the authors of the Daily Five, I had a moment this fall when I looked around my classroom and wondered what I was doing wrong that made me feel like I never got anything done during guided reading. By using bits and pieces of the Daily Five, I found that the kids were more productive, independent and all-around excited for our reading block. After all, isn't that the point?!

If you've never read it- it's worth it. It reminds teachers everywhere why we have a literacy block and how to make the most of those precious minutes of our day.

Here are some freebie Daily Five posters that I created while my spinach-artichoke dip was baking before the Super Bowl! I am having such a ball learning PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Download FREE Posters Here!

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  1. You know, I love all these posters and appreciate the effort people go into to make posters for non-artistic people like me. But, please, not all of us early years/primary teachers are female and I'd love a "meet with teacher" poster that fits the theme, but shows a male teacher, too.
    I've searched all over the WWW and all I ever seem to find are versions with female teachers. *sigh*


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