Sorting Mats Freebie!

Hi friends! Happy MLK Day! I hope you had a nice long weekend. I spent the day off at the dentist and taking down my Christmas tree. I realized how much less fun "undecorating" is. As much as I was sad to see the Christmas decorations go, I felt a huge satisfaction to see my house go back to normal and everything felt cleaner and less cluttered.

I'm getting together a lot of my materials and starting to post them. Here is something that I created for my kindergarteners when they were having a hard time identifying letters that were in different fonts. Connect the letter sorting mats into one long row from A-Z. Laminate and have the students sort letters printed in a variety of fonts. As a follow up, I created a worksheet for them to tally up what letter they found the most of. This also reinforced counting and number writing. We used it as a center and the students loved it!

You can also use this sorting mat to do word sorts, beginning sound sorts and picture sorts. To download, see below!

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