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I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I often have parents ask "Can I be doing more at home?" or "Is there anything we can do over the summer?" (I work in a district with very supportive and involved families and I tutor families that are always looking to do more at home). I came across a website this morning that I bookmarked for my own future use that I think parents (and teachers) will find very helpful. It's called I Can Teach My Child, and it gives ideas for parents on things to do at home beginning with when your child is born to 6+ years old. It breaks down activities and crafts that are easy and manageable to do at home and even better- they correspond with early childhood development stages! In addition to activities and crafts, they have book recommendations, educational gift ideas, product reviews, play dough recipes, tips and tricks of parenting and much, much more. They even provide thematic units for parents and a big supply of letter, sound, number and shape materials to prepare for school! I'm excited to have a great website to recommend next time a parent asks!

I Can Teach My Child

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  1. As I read your article I am remembering my mom. I am far away from her that’s why your blog gives me on attention to read it well. Thank you so much for these very interesting blog you’ve shared.

    Greg | Parenting Philippines


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