Morning Jobs in Kindergarten

Hi friends! Another weekend comes to an end. I spent a good portion of my weekend going through my computer and pulling things for my TPT store! I'll be posting free items on here and there as soon as I get them uploaded and ready. What a rush when you realize people are downloading your items and find them useful!

A teacher on my team recommended using a morning jobs sign or posting directions every day instead of repeating myself all morning. I made this sign for my classroom and posted it right next to our daily schedule. The visual helped the students remember what they had to do without asking. It also gave them a sense of independence. They knew if they did every morning job they could move on with their day and start morning work or play time. It saved me the time of giving the same direction over and over again so I could check folders and read parent notes! Here is a picture of what my sign looked like, but the documents I am posting are updated. You may also want to make two signs depending on the level of your class and the time of year. The one-word signs may be best for the beginning of the year or a class with a lot of non-readers. Hopefully as the year progresses you won't even need the sign because morning routines become mindless for your kiddos!

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