Pumpkin Patch Fun!

During the month of October we discussed a lot about pumpkins and fall. Specifically, we learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin. When we took our field trip to Kelkenburg Farm in Clarence, every child got to take a home a pumpkin!

In our classroom we decided to carve a pumpkin and see what was inside. We made predictions about the way it would feel, smell and look. We also estimated the number of pumpkin seeds that would be on the inside. Every child had a chance to dig in and take a handful of seeds out. We washed and toasted the seeds and had them for a snack the next day! Many kids were brave and tried pumpkin seeds for the first time. Other kids were already big fans of the salty snack.

When we estimated the circumference of a pumpkin, we used yarn to estimate and then measure. Most of us had way too much yarn! Two students were tied for the closest estimation!

Beautiful pumpkins from Kelkenberg Farms

Digging into our pumpkin!

Our class pumpkin outside of our door so friends could see it.
Symmetrical Pumpkins

We read all about the life cycle of a pumpkin in our Scholastic News.

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