Happy First of October!

Welcome October! I'm happy to see you! I always celebrate the first of the month. It's like New Year's Day. I am a list girl and I make resolutions at the beginning of every month. For example, this month I'm going to get ahead on grad school work. This month I'm going to go to bed earlier, and so on. This time, I have a lot of resolutions about my classroom; things I am looking forward to and planning now that September is over. September was a whirlwind! It was my first time beginning a school year with my own class (woo hoo!) Setting the routines, classroom management, lining up for lunch and overall crowd control was my main focus. I never dreamed it would take us 35 minutes to get ready for lunch, or 45 minutes to pack up to go home. But it did. Now it doesn't. That's something to celebrate! We are still a work in progress but I'm very proud of my class. They are an awesome group of kids and together we have become a great community. By the third day of school they were like old friends! They teach me something new everyday and that's why I love my job.

In September we did lots of crafts that shined at Open House. Some of these projects were long and painful (stopping to review glue and scissor rules every three minutes can take up your whole afternoon!) but they sure looked cute when they were done. My favorite was our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees!

Finally, I celebrate October because this weekend I started my last grad school class. Only four weekends left! Also, last weekend I took the NYS literacy certification exam. I'm just crossing things off my lists all over the place!

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